Women's T-Shirt Sunny, Sexy

- Sep 28, 2017-

Women's T-Shirt, I believe that both men and women are armed with N pieces of wardrobe essential items, because a simple Women's T-Shirt, whether you want to sunshine, sexy, healthy, sports, decadent, what effect can wear out The But the dress effect is simple at the same time, to pick a suitable for their own Women's T-Shirt is not an easy thing, not readily picked up a can wear on the OK, pick Women's T-Shirt knowledge is also more Today to come with Xiao Bian to learn about it

Women's Women's T-Shirt style how to choose

Different colors, materials, neckline, tailoring, etc., all affect the effect of Women's T-Shirt to wear out; fullness, slim, pear, waist long, short legs, all kinds of body should be their own appropriate style, Please read how to choose a suitable Women's T-Shirt it.

1, V-collar

V-shaped Women's T-Shirt modified body effect first-class, and the lower the neckline V, the more obvious the effect of thin. So, to supermodel-like sexy effect, you can choose a very low-necked V-shaped Women's T-Shirt, with high heels; or professional women, you can wear medium V-neckline Women's T-Shirt, outside a suit jacket, handsome.


1, wide collar V-neck Women's T-Shirt can be a good modification of the narrow shoulder width, and pear-shaped body.

2, V-shaped collar can let the neck exposed muscle strength, elongated neck lines.

3, always V-shaped collar can balance with the fullness of the chest, so that other people's eyes gathered to your face and clavicle Department.

2, chicken wings sleeves

From small to large to hear the chicken wings sleeves, it means that in the shoulder position to form a lid-shaped Women's T-Shirt sleeves. This style is not who can wear, such as the arm is too thick or have worship the meat of the girls, it is not recommended that you try; but the chicken wings sleeves Women's T-Shirt is very suitable for arm slender and muscular girls, the weather is slightly cold Ordinary shirt mix and match, the same applies.

Remember, pick the chicken wings sleeves when the Women's T-Shirt, be sure to the length of a sleeve, just over the shoulder position is the most appropriate.

4, vest

Vest, and other sleeveless Women's T-Shirts, very suitable for hot summer weather. At the same time, with the jacket, sweaters, jeans, skirts with, are also used. But no matter what kind of vest, do not reveal your Bra belt, especially yellowing off the line or the color is clearly underwear tone Bra band exposed outside is absolutely NG (of course, not only need to pay attention to this vest). Underwear wear mismatch another operator.

1, sleeveless Women's T-Shirt can highlight the shoulders and arms, so if your chest is full but slender arm, a healthy sports vest on the right, it can transfer from the chest attention.

2, high collar neck vest will highlight the chest, and vice versa.

3, slender girls, should choose a fit Women's T-Shirt. Because loose sleeveless will hide the waist, so that the whole person looks more like cardboard.

4, if you have a belly, do not choose more than your belt length or cover the buttocks length and width of the vest, which will only make the waist of the life buoy more obvious.

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