Women's T-Shirt First-Class Decoration Effect

- Oct 18, 2017-

Women's T-Shirt, believe that no matter the men and women of the wardrobe n pieces of necessities, because a simple Women's T-Shirt, whether you want sunshine, sexy, healthy, sports, decadent, how the effect can be worn out. But the dress effect is simple at the same time, to choose a suitable for their own Women's T-Shirt is not an easy thing, not pick up a can wear on the OK, pick up the Women's T-Shirt learning more.

V-collar Women's T-Shirt modified body effect first-class, and the lower neckline V deeper, the more obvious the effect of slimming. Therefore, to supermodel-like sexy effect, you can choose a ultra-low-collar V-shirt, with high heels, or professional women, can wear the middle V-neck Women's T-Shirt, outside a suit jacket, handsome.

1, the wide collar of the V-neck Women's T-Shirt can be well decorated with a narrow shoulder width, as well as pear-shaped figure.

2, v-word collar to allow the neck to increase the degree of muscle, elongated neck lines.

3, always the V-word collar can balance the fullness of the chest, let other people's eyes gathered on your face and collarbone.

Women's T-Shirts are believed to be owned by women all over the world, but in fact Women's T-Shirts are not suitable for everyone. If the VW Women's T-Shirt is not for you, pick a more polished trim.

1, Women's T-Shirt is not suitable for large breasts, it will make big breasts look no lines, a tuo-like.

2, Women's T-Shirts are usually printed on the chest with signs or patterns, plump girls should also avoid such a Women's T-Shirt, because the pattern will only attract attention to your upper body.

3, open collar is below the collar of clavicle, can lengthen neck line;

4. If you have a double chin, don't wear a Women's T-Shirt.

Vest, and other sleeveless Women's T-Shirts, are ideal for hot summer weather. At the same time, with coats, sweaters, jeans, skirts are equally useful. But wear no matter what vest, do not expose your bra belt, especially the yellowing line or the color is obviously the underwear tone of the bra band out is absolutely ng (of course, not only wear vest to pay attention to this). Underwear outside the mismatch of the other.

1, sleeveless Women's T-Shirt can highlight the shoulders and arms, so if your chest is plump but slender arms, a healthy sports vest is right, it can divert people's attention from the chest.

2. Neck vest with high neck will highlight the chest and vice versa.

3, Slim girl, should choose a composite Women's T-Shirt. Because loose sleeveless will hide the waist line, making the whole person look more like cardboard.

4, if you have belly, do not choose to exceed your belt length or cover the buttocks of the long and wide vest, this will only make the life buoy on the waist more obvious.

Women's T-Shirts will look mm youthful vitality, wearing comfortable and not constrained, today Little series brought the spring new women long-sleeved Women's T-Shirt, hurriedly go look!

1. Digital Printing Women's T-Shirt

Spring new Women's digital printing Women's T-Shirt, concise atmosphere design, red and blue contrast is this dress bright spot, hundred-style!

2. Cartoon Printed Women's T-Shirt

Women long sleeve cartoon printed Women's T-Shirt, simple design, not lack of fashionable highlights, clever embellishment zebra pattern, color stitching design, give people different feeling.

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