Women's Shirt Will Produce A Different Effect

- May 24, 2017-

The shirt is made up of three parts: body, sleeves and collar. The style of each part is very rich, such as long, short, loose, tight and so on. The sleeves are long, short, medium and sleeves. Sleeves, sleeves and other changes, so the combination of changes into different styles of shirts.

Female shirt should be consistent with the characteristics of the appearance of female body shape, the basic shape of the shirt shirt structure should first grasp the body of the torso of the various parts of the ups and downs, according to the body to draw the characteristics of women in line with the curve, and then based on the main body Department and upper limbs of the real, draw collar and sleeves.

In order to measure the accuracy of the various parts of the measurement to identify the reference point and the baseline, can not be guessed by experience. Perimeter measurement to determine the positioning of the bump reference point, measuring the chest to find the chest high point for the measurement point, measuring the waist to find the most concave point for the measurement point, and then for the level of measurement, length measurement should pay attention to take the relevant benchmark The sum of the points between the points, such as the length of the shoulder to the elbow to the elbow point, elbow point to the wrist point of the two lines and the sum.

The order of the volume is generally: after the first straight, from the top down.

Human body measurement tools: soft feet, waist belt.

The length of the waist, long, long, collar, shoulder width, chest circumference, waist circumference, hip circumference, etc., according to the body shape of the object , Style modeling and wearing requirements to determine the amount of volume, will be to achieve the desired effect of important data.

1, collar: the neck of the most detailed circumference of the week (in the neck above about 3cm or 2 cm after the end of the neck after the cervical spine point, side by neck shoulder, plus 2 ~ 2.5cm or so. B + 16 to 18 cm).

2, shoulder width: from the back of the left shoulder to the right end of the right point of the width of the right shoulder can also be (0.3B +11 cm) calculation.

3, chest: armpit through the bust of the most plentiful, horizontal circumference of a week. Body shirt plus 4 ~ 6cm, fit shirt put 8 ~ 10cm, loose shirt plus 12 ~ 20cm.

4, waist circumference: the waist of the smallest level of the amount of weeks a week.

5, hip: the most full of hip circumference weeks. Plus 4 ~ 10cm, can also be reduced by the amount of chest to reduce the 2 ~ 4cm projections.

6, Length: is the full length of the coat. The front coat is generally starting from the right neck shoulder (SNP point) downwards - by the BP point - the amount required to the length of the clothes. After the length of clothing from the cervical point (BNP point) down - the amount required to the length of the clothes. The general Women's Shirt  is long in the hip line. Can also be (0.4 plus or minus the number of) calculation.

7, Sleeve: from the shoulder up the amount of long sleeves to the wrist, can also press (32.5% * height) +3 ~ 4 (relaxation) = 55 ~ 56 calculation; elbow long press 18% * height calculation, To the elbow on the 8cm or so, the sleeve to the wrist on the 8cm or so.

8, chest height: from the right neck and shoulder points to the milk peak point. Press (15.6% * height) - (1 ~ 1.5) calculation.

9, lumbar length: from the right neck and shoulder points through the highest point of the chest to the waist the most thin. According to 25.5% * height calculation = 41.

Main connection factor

1, collar

Collar is the collar in the body of the foundation, by the collar of the seventh cervical vertebral point to both sides of the neck side of the shoulder, and then around the front side of the nest and even into the collar in the structural drawing was high before the low triangle.

2, armhole

The armhole is the combination of the sleeves and the body, from the upper shoulder, under the axillary, back axillary side, chest axillary side of the four connected around the sleeves in addition to the basic body static factors, but also including adaptation The amount of loose amount required, before and after the hole bent, the chest is concave, the back side is slow, because the upper limb movement to the front mainly. Sleeve length is generally long, short before, the two ends are mainly taken from the shoulder, reflecting the back of the more plump body characteristics.

Shirt style changes

Collar, sleeve, pocket is the details of the Women's Shirt , collar the most prominent performance of the human face, is an important part of clothing. Even if the same form of collar, change its size or the location of the collar will produce a different effect, collar type is the main line of the depth of the line, the width of the change, the collar collar, collar collar collar, open collar, Collar collar, long collar collar, collar collar, naval collar, dual collar, tie collar collar, large round neck, lotus leaf collar and so on.

1, collar changes

Closed collar: is the most basic collar type, naturally along the neck a week, because the collar shape is small, so there is a casual, light feeling.

With a base shirt collar: collar upright around the neck a week, lapel collar in the collar above the collar type.

Open collar (flip collar): lapel and cut out from the body of the tail of the split head into a collar collar collar collar, wearing a collar when the open, also known as the door collar, with such a collar shirt called open collar shirt.

Collar: upright around the neck of the collar collar, change the width and collar straightness can be a variety of different effects, also known as cheongsam collar, Tang suit collar, students fitted.

Rolling collar: roll upright in the neck of the collar a week, the use of oblique cloth will have a more soft effect, in the rear center of the opening of the situation more.

Long collar: the same with the open collar, collar was open-shaped, but no missing mouth, rectangular lapel and split head together.

Collar collar (flat collar): collar lower, flat turned over the body, change the collar width and collar shape will get a variety of different effects.

Navy collar: before the collar was V-shaped, and then collar was quadrilateral, and sagging for the wide collar, common in the navy or sailor suit, so this name.

Big round neck: is able to cover the shoulder of the big collar, common in the Puritan clothing.

A collar formed by shrinking or wrinkling. There is no collar, and the seam is sewn on the garment.

Dual-use collar: the first button can be buckle on the wear can also open the collar wearing, buckle on the wear has become a closed collar, open to wear into the open, so called dual-use collar.

A collar, like a tie, with a strip of sag.

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