Women's Shirt Quiet Literary Temperament

- Jul 18, 2017-

Women's Shirt Stripe speaker sleeves shirt, very comfortable fabric, loose thin version of the type, lotus leaf tie design, more fresh and fresh Fan, with black high waist shorts and casual shoes, filling the fresh arts full range.

Very popular a POLO collar chiffon shirt, selected chiffon fabric,Women's Shirt Slim was thin version of the type, speaker puffs sleeve design, whether it is with a pleated skirt or pants, can highlight the Literary small fresh Fan.

The new element of the school style long sleeves loose plaid shirt, lattice element is very wild, very loose version of the type can be a single wear can also take, simple with jeans and casual shoes, to give people a very quiet literary temperament.

Rustic half-sleeve shirt, Slim version of the type, has a retro college style,Women's Shirt style is very simple and simple, good ride, casual with denim shorts and flat shoes, elegant with a fresh literary Fan.

Retro temperament printing V-neck chiffon shirt, very loose style, looking at the feeling of literature and art, did not expect the upper body effect is even better than it looks like,Women's Shirt random with the same color wash shorts and casual shoes, easy to create elegant woman Fan children The

Super good ride a white shirt, white really what is really good with, in addition to the sun wearing the law can also take a dress with shorts, highlighting the aesthetic qualities of literature and art.

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