Women's Shirt Natural With The Nature Of The

- Oct 27, 2017-

The weather gradually turned hot, female compatriots, is the show about the shirt dressing skills.

Dark blue lattice women's shirt, leisure and mature, there will not be naive feeling. Dark blue color is very wild, almost any color can be with each other, is a very practical single product Oh Women's shirt long section of the design, not only just cover the hip does not look good part, and naturally with the sexy is also very pleasing to it. Models with a knitted jacket, brought a touch of academic atmosphere. This time with Oxford shoes can increase its retro taste, and as the figure with casual shoes is even more people feel comfortable.

Blue women's shirt, a touch of color, brought a small fresh citrus. Model smart with the same for the light-colored gray, and light blue is very co-ordination, coupled with knitted jacket long section loose design, very thin, and make the overall style becomes retro. The rest are simple: black tights and black leather source thick shoes, comfortable and stylish.

Women's shirt is not necessarily within the ride or wear a single Oh, like the figure of the crush, will be floating in the fresh breath of light blue women's shirt as a jacket to wear in the above, do not have some fashion charm. Models with the color of casual shoes with the shirt echo each other, we can see the model master carefully Oh

Now the prevalence of Japanese and Korean wind, with the Asians, whether boys or girls will wear a good look. Some people may think that the shirt is too mature too capable, can not wear the kind of sweet and lovely Japanese and Korean style. In fact, Japan and South Korea is not only sweet and lovely Oh, the shirt can wear a very strong Japanese and Korean wind Oh.

This chiffon shirt is very breathable, and semi-permeable material will not make people look too strong. Doll collar with lotus leaf cuffs small fresh, plus chiffon wave point small skirt, college wind full, it is cute it.

This is a typical women's shirt, but the design of Puff Sleeve can make people look so hard. The lower half wearing a nude color pencil pants, the shirt into the pants will make people look very spirit, very Korean style OL.

This is a modified version of the shirt, girls wearing a shirt is actually very nice, because the shirt version of the type, can outline a more nice stature. Cuffs on the butterfly will be more soft, wearing a high waist nude color skirt, ladies and youth.

Loose shirt is particularly suitable for thin women wear, can highlight the skinny beauty. And long before and after the long design can also make people look more slender, more gas field. Simple and trend, is the favorite of many stars Oh

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