Women's Pants With A Different Kind Of Leisure

- Jun 05, 2017-

Women's Pants In the summer, wearing a skirt is actually a very sparse ordinary things, when you want to become different, it must start from other styles, such as wide leg pants. A lot of sister paper or do not love to wear pants, because they are afraid of heat is also afraid of tanning, but the arrogant wide leg pants can be perfect to avoid these, make you comfortable and comfortable.

Alone proud of the length of women's wide leg pants, suitable for petite, especially calf slender sisters, because just fell on the calf, so the requirements of the leg line higher. At the same time because of the exposed part of the calf, visually can increase the height of people, very suitable for short girls. With a thick bottom sports shoes or high-heeled sandals more fashion sense.

Women's Pants Wearing a separate arrogant women wide leg pants want to have the best high effect must be inseparable from the high heels, and thick with the combination of wide legs so that you add a variety of fashion possibilities, heel and wide legs do not appear to be top-heavy , If the shoes sense of detail, wide leg pants can choose a simple monochrome style, so you have a different kind of leisure.

Women's Pants British style badge hit a solid color of the sweater, Wonderful Qiao, classic striped elements, stretching the pants pendulum three-dimensional and vertical sense, belt design, relaxation degree, sweet age.

Simple and pure white T-shirts, with the rate of real feeling, wild look. Lace texture of small harness, fluffy out of just a sense of leisure, art light cooked style. Large wide leg hanging, simple city, highlighting the delicate petty bourgeoisie. The waist is stitching lace, showing a small woman's charming sexy, dignified and decent.Fashionable self-confidence, put on the immediate Fan Fan, full of urban feminine. But also the upper and lower detachable design, unique shape, showing unique charm. Wide leg pants type, three-dimensional version of cutting, Slim shaping, lining slender legs. Breathing fiber, catch up with the world trend of green textiles. Lace bow with a natural drape, simple outline of the profile shape. Cut the simple atmosphere of the wide leg pants type, slender delicate, stylish woman preferred. The atmosphere of black and white with, light and elegant both in the sweet atmosphere, the workplace elite Fan. Hollow mesh splicing lace, white skin looming, sexy charming. Perspective lace wide leg pants, clean and smooth cut lines, the workplace big woman Fan. Sexy perspective two-piece, quality Full of fabric, wear a very gas field. Chest cartoon pattern, childlike age, full of youthful vigor. Wide leg pants type, elegant and professional and generous city girl style. Casual wind and fashion wind perfect Combination, the new interpretation of fashion youth charm.

Women's Pants Jewelry printing, elegant art, eye-catching low-latent feeling, highlight the taste. Waist with the belt, creating a waist effect, version of simple, more tall and thin. Loose contour with a simple atmosphere, modified imperfect leg. Color stripes, clear and the atmosphere, the perfect interpretation of the female intellectual style. Wide leg Siamese pants type, three-dimensional version of cutting, Slim shaping, lining slender legs. Leisure and no lack of fashion sense, and modern OL women's temperament is very consistent.

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