Women's Jacket Simple Structure, Fabric Drape Elegant

- Jun 16, 2017-

Women's jacket, windbreaker, jacket is an important series of fashion products, 2017 spring and summer there are those new design worthy of our attention? Throughout the show from the classic continuation to change the structure profile, printing patterns, embroidery process, In the material structure has a great breakthrough, but also the birth of more and more eye-catching, brain hole open design.

1 streamlined white coat

Sui collar collar long coat is essential for a single product, 17 spring and summer profile is more relaxed and more inclusive, shoulder line fit, simple structure,Women's jacket fabric drape elegant, and white is the hot spring and summer season,

2 decorative printing coat

Spring and summer season hot white windbreaker, in the local to join the printing elements, or geometric printing, showing a romantic, personalized temperament,Women's jacket three-dimensional decoration to enhance the style of windbreaker. Workplace favorite suit style design because of decoration, printing to join the vitality and personality.

3 embroidery jacquard coat

Sleep gown profile is nearly two quarters designers keen style, lazy wind in line with market demand, end the traditional embroidery, jacquard fabric texture and gloss,Women's jacket comfortable at the same time no lack of quality.

4 casual military coat

Military wind casual windbreaker in 17 spring and summer subversion of traditional design, natural texture fabric, adding leather stitching, metal decoration, show modern modern, collarless design exposed slender neck, more feminine temperament.

5 color coat

Bright solid color coat / coat, with loose profile shape, the overall feeling comfortable and relaxed.

6 striped coat

Stripes are enduring classic, all kinds of width of the stripes constitute eye-catching combination. Designers with black and white stripes split clothing, enhance visual effects.

7 checkered coat

The classic tablecloth comes from the traditional style of the earth to the new darling of modernity. Pattern size, with lace element decoration, with cuffs deduction design, to promote the new trend of mix and match.

8 abstract print coat

Abstract printing, laser printing, inspired by contemporary art, the traces of the painting period and strokes layered stacking to produce a strong full-width printing, tiled coat, add vitality.

9 craft pattern coat

Embroidery, jacquard, printing and other different means of animal and plant patterns, highlighting the unique skills and textile traditions, rich details of the design more texture. British new romantic retro.

10 wire fabric coat

Wire fabric from the beginning of the local decoration to do any clothing can be controlled, hanging pendulum flowing tassel fabric, show different styles.

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