Women's Down Jacket With Warm Effect

- Jul 07, 2017-

Women's Down Jacket is the home of the necessary clothes, cleaning is always not easy, if not properly cleaned, may have damage to the clothes, and dry there will be ugly white stains exist, no matter how dry the total Such a situation, many sisters on the election of the dry cleaning, I used to have this often, but some Women's Down Jacket we can look at the standard, usually can not dry cleaning, may have the impact on the warmth of clothing, and now I Here to pay a way for everyone at home can easily complete the cleaning Women's Down Jacket, and there is no white stains exist.

It is ready to record now:

1. First of all to prepare a pot of warm water, and your hand can almost the temperature, not too hot, and put in the amount of water in the detergent.

2. put the Women's Down Jacket on the inside soak for 10 minutes after the start of cleaning, pay attention, do not hand to rub clothes, dirty place must use a soft brush or no toothbrush to wash can, the key and not dirty Where are the next brush

3. Brush clean in the twist when not to twist the twist to squeeze the water, along the backlog can be finished, finished with water first over

4 and then clean the first 2 times, now is the tip of the time, in the water drops of vinegar, the vinegar can eat at home, the general amount of cooking is almost the same, the Women's Down Jacket on the inside soak 5-10 minutes , Roughly under the rub, in the dry time to pay attention, must not twist the same as the twist to wear water, along the lines of both hands can be squeezed on the back, hanging dry

5. And do not put the sun below the sun, on the ventilated place can be, I generally on the toilet on the 2,3 days can be dry, after the dry, the sisters will find the clothes are flat, not fluffy, Oh, now and then pay a little trick, take the clothes down, on the bed, with a large racks beat clothes, everywhere to beat, and soon you will find that the Women's Down Jacket to restore the original clean appearance, and No smell and ugly white stains Oh!

Cooling cooling, piling machine where the Beijing has been cold to wear Women's Down Jacket can not go out of the way it! Every year this time most of the test with the skill, and after all, is not everyone can wear well known as the "fashion disaster" Women's Down Jacket.

If you are tangled Do not temporarily take off the Fashion Icon of the Crown, ready to hide in the gentle down the winter clothes, then quickly look down, you will find the original Women's Down Jacket can wear so nice Oh!

First, how to choose the Women's Down Jacket

First of all, to talk about how to choose Women's Down Jacket. The market Women's Down Jacket tens of millions, basically have the effect of warm, we have to do is choose to meet their own aesthetic + fit type + good ride! Piling machine has a few tips for you bitch baby reference!

1, style to choose a strong sense of design

Women's Down Jacket this extremely dangerous single product, a careless will wear clothing "low" temperament, profile shape to add some design sense can immediately pull up the clothes "worth", naturally put on the body is not passers-by.

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