Women's Down Jacket Dry Cleaning On The Clothes Will Be Good

- Oct 27, 2017-

Laundry clothes washing clothes, Women's Down Jacket gradually more up, in order to achieve the characteristics of fast laundry, many of our laundry is basically a drying method of drying these clothes, in the drying process due to ignore the details of the problem, often on the baking Dry clothes have some adverse effects, I will briefly introduce the following in the drying of some adverse effects.

First, the collar problem

If the laundry is really fur collar, can be removed, we recommend to remove the best use of dry cleaning, can not be removed when washing the detergent and wash the temperature. After washing, dry leather fur collar pay attention to drying temperature, if the temperature is too high, will lead to stiff and shrink the skin plate phenomenon. False fur collar (man-made fiber fur collar) in the drying time to pay attention to temperature or not drying, because the artificial fur collar after drying, the general will appear hair curled up,Women's Down Jacket almost all destructive curled up, can not be restored.

Second, the zipper problem

Zipper is also the most prone to the accident in the drying process, before drying, we'd better put the zipper with a white cotton cloth to the zipper package, can be dried,Women's Down Jacket or the use of needle and thread to the zipper fixed way, for the zipper is not Especially sharp, especially angular, you can turn over the clothes drying, to avoid scratching clothing;

Third, the coating problem

With the coating fabric clothing, we do not recommend the use of drying methods, because the coating encountered high temperature prone to paste their own phenomenon, resulting in the coating on the coating off the situation, affecting the appearance of clothing; Moreover, in the drying process,Women's Down Jacket the machine wall And the friction of the coating, but also lead to the coating off, for the coating with the fabric must be dried, you can use low temperature bag drying;

Fourth, the temperature problem

Temperature, if the choice is wrong is the cause of more accidents, cotton, linen, chemical fiber, we are basically using the temperature drying can be, the temperature is too high will lead to fiber shrinkage and discoloration;

Fifth, the loading problem

In the drying, the clothes into the amount of not too much, too much will lead to drying is not complete, but also lead to drying clothes can not achieve fluffy effect, and then prone to rely on the side of the roller wall due to high temperature Yellow discoloration, by the door side or wet state. Drying quilts, blankets large clothing, we try to use the hand to turn over, you can make the clothes dry to reach a dry even point.

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