Women's Down Jacket Can Be A Good Cleaning

- Aug 07, 2017-

Women's Down Jacket is considered essential winter clothes at home, and wear warm and comfortable light, but clean up is always not easy, if improper cleaning, may cause some damage to the clothes, and dry there will be ugly white stains exist , No matter how dry the total there are a lot of the situation there, many sisters on the election of dry cleaning,

I often have this, but some Women's Down Jacket we can look under the wash, usually a lot can not dry clean, which may have a certain impact on the warmth of clothing, and now I am here to teach you a washing method, their own at home You can easily complete the cleaning Women's Down Jacket, and there is no white stains exist Oh, it is now to share with you Ha:

1. First of all to prepare a pot of warm water, and your hand can almost the temperature, not too hot, and in the water into the amount of laundry liquid.

2. put the Women's Down Jacket on the inside soak for 10 minutes after the start of cleaning, careful not to hand to rub clothes, dirty place must use a soft brush or no toothbrush to wash can, the key parts and not dirty Where are the brush.

3. Brush clean in the twist when not to twist the twist to squeeze the water, along the squeeze can be finished, finished with water first over again, the laundry liquid water washed away.

4 and then clean the second time, now is the trick of the time, in the water drops of vinegar, home consumption of rice vinegar can, the amount of general cooking (a bottle of this) is almost, put the Women's Down Jacket Which soak for 5-10 minutes, roughly under the rub, in the dry when the attention, must not twist like twist to wear water, along the lines of the hands can be 

5. And do not put the sun under the sun, on the place where you can ventilate, I generally on the bathroom on the 2,3 days can be dry, after the dry, the sisters will find the clothes are flat, not fluffy, Oh, now teach a little trick, take the clothes down, flat on the bed, with a large racks beat clothes, everywhere to beat, and soon you will find that the Women's Down Jacket to restore the original clean and soft appearance , And there is no smell and ugly white stains Oh!

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