T-Shirt Keep The Clothes Flat Shape

- Sep 28, 2017-

Summer hot days, many people like to wear short-sleeved T-shirt. But T shirt washed a few times, the collar is very easy to become larger, loose and other deformation problems, so that the effect of wearing greatly reduced. Thursday wash industry today to share some coup, to avoid T shirt deformation problems.

Cleaning essentials

In the rinse should be the whole T-shirt varus, and to avoid rubbing the pattern side, try not to use hand dryer, dry clothes do not pull the collar, to prevent deformation.

1, a color of cotton T-shirt, washing, how much will be back a little color, you should be washed with other clothes apart. Usually washed when the best cold water hand wash, soak 5-6 minutes can be, the time should not be too long.

2, do not use detergent containing detergent, with ordinary detergent can be, please use 40 ℃ below the cool water wash. T-shirt in the washing time to avoid brush with the brush, do not rub hard

3, printed T-shirt pattern will be a little hard feeling, some printing powder will be a little bit of sticky, because most of the T-shirt has hot drilling and bright powder, it is recommended to use hand wash, try not to use washing machine to avoid Destroy the pattern.

4, the washing is prohibited to tear tear T-shirt, do not hand rub the pattern of the surface, excessive scrubbing will affect the color of the pattern, and there are hot diamond powder part is to pay attention. Do not wash too much time to wash the collar area, so as not to neckline deformation.

5, after washing should not be wring dry, need to be directly in the ventilation and shade naturally dry Gua, do not put the printed T-shirt under the sun exposure, so as not to discolor color. When drying, the hanger from the clothes hem loose place stretched out, do not directly from the neckline part of the forced support, so as not to lose the flexibility after the neckline, the body and collar finishing, to avoid Alice.

6, clothes dry, such as the need for ironing, it is best to iron around the pattern part, to avoid direct access to the pattern of iron, remember. After ironing, do not put the clothes into a small space, you can use the hanger hanging or flat, in order to maintain the appearance of clothing.

T-shirt is the second person's face, your aesthetic, your hobbies, your habits, your attitude, your heavy taste, all can be communicated through your T-shirt, do not look at the T-shirt everyone has, Wear out the attitude is not easy, is Zorro or Superman, show your T-shirt let us look at your attitude!

If you often fitness, muscle tight lines beautiful, then there is nothing more than a plain T-shirt can be used as your male declaration, and will not call the Lord, personal fabric wrapped in muscle lines, more prominent your Good shape. Is not fitness men, wearing a plain T-shirt, show your attitude!

Want to be able to hold the tropical flower "flower beauty" Large area tropical printing color bright and high profile, is the street shoot up to grab the artifact, wearing a tropical printing T-shirt swagger fashionable men, like in the big swagger to declare their own born tropical flowers, the fate of the United States, in many street shooting , Is also a touch of perfection of the pen.

Printing is the heat of the past few years, both men and women, tropical printing for the trend of men and women to provide "flowers". If you have the courage to try, then buy a tropical printing T-shirt, do a back to the beach, it can not live, you can try local printing.

Want to become a tropical beauty, and hold a large area of printing people, you can first try the local printing, local printing looks no exaggeration, but the same exquisite playful.

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