T-shirt Fashion Is Simple

- May 24, 2017-

T-shirt in the overalls pants structure design, in addition to consider the hip waist difference, there are those who need attention? Work clothes custom is very happy with everyone to analyze the details of the work, so that your work clothes wear more perfect fashion.

The position of the hip line

When designing the pants structure, the hip line HL is located at a distance of 2BR / 3-waist from the waistline.

2. The length of the crotch

The length of the crotch is the distance from the waistline to the thigh. The main factors affecting the length of the crotch are the size of the hip, the age of the wearer, the hobby of the wearer, the degree of fit and the style of the pants, and the length of the crotch. The length of the crotch length is calculated as follows:

BR = TL / 10 + H / 10 + 8 ~ 10 This calculation method includes the width of the waistband.

3. The position of the crotch line KL, the crotch line in the HL and SBL in the middle of the point, and then move up 5CM.

The basic shape of the base pants is a fit straight pants.

Work clothes cut:

(1) drag the material when the amount of clear, pay attention to avoid defects.

(2) for different batches of dyeing or sand washing fabric to be cut in batches, to prevent a work clothes on the phenomenon of color. For a fabric in the presence of chromatic aberration phenomenon to be color discharge.

(3) T-shirt when the material is expected to pay attention to the fabric of the silk lock and the direction of the silk thread in line with the process requirements, for the fleece fabrics (such as velvet, velvet, corduroy, etc.) can not be down row ore, otherwise it will affect The color of the overalls.

(4) T-shirt for the striped fabric, drag material should pay attention to the layers of alignment and positioning, to ensure that the uniforms on the uniform and symmetry.

(5) T-shirt cutting requirements under the knife accurate, smooth and smooth lines. Shop should not be too thick, not the upper and lower layers of fabric.

(6) T-shirt cut the knife edge according to the template check mark.

(7) T-shirt with taper hole should be careful not to affect the appearance of clothing. After the cut to be counted and the number of pieces of work 6-17_zdsbzx, and according to the specifications of the uniforms bundled, attached to the ticket number, location, specifications and so on.

The quality of good fabric is an important part of the quality control of finished products. Through the inspection and determination of the incoming fabric can effectively improve the quality of uniforms.

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