Sweater Knitting History

- Nov 09, 2016-

Sweater knit very ancient history, humans in primitive life using leaves, animal skins to cover themselves, net fishing in the fishery, animal husbandry, you know games

Weaving technique, with the invention of the evolution of civilization and technology, human beings not only make full use of all kinds of animals and plants and other natural fiber, items required for the weave, developed a variety of chemical fibers, mineral fiber to make human life more comfortable and convenient, so weaving history can be said to be a history of human civilization and technology.

Weaving works from various ethnic groups, found that although many works from a practical function, the pursuit of beauty but as human beings, knitting is beyond the practical details and become a crystallization of human art, or simple straightforward, delicate or ornate, showing a colorful look.

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