How To Distinguish Between Pure Cotton T-shirt

- Nov 09, 2016-

Combed cotton is a name for Comber machines left over after the removal of short fiber in fiber length and the neat cotton, because in addition to a short cotton and other fibers, with combed cotton yarn is exquisite, manufactures the handle is also smooth and comfortable, a good quality cotton.

Mercerized cotton is will General of cotton after in thick alkali solution in the for Mercerized process processing Hou of cotton, this cotton in other physical index performance not occurred changes of premise Xia, than General of cotton gloss degrees better, compared shiny, seems as has silk of components, feel more lubrication, and more easily up wrinkle, fastness also more general cotton more high, usually in summer of thin paragraph socks in the often can saw Mercerized cotton of material, is cotton class high-end quality.

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