Cotton Clothing Maintenance

- Nov 09, 2016-

1, folding a medium temperature ironing steam iron, printed or dyed cotton fabric when ironing, the opposite ironing, can stay bright.

2, stained clothes after washing, usually fading, wash the clothes, and then add two cups of beer in clear water rinse, faded areas repigmented.

3, pure cotton clothing easy to absorb moisture, when stored, should be put in the closet, avoiding moisture and acid gas attack.

4, light cotton clothing will gradually turn yellow after washing for a long time, add detergent to the water and cook for 20-30 minutes, then rubbed with water can be restored to its original condition.

5, Sun will make cotton oxidation phenomena, turn yellow and brittle and white cotton fabric

6, the acid eats into the cotton fabric, similar fruit juice when acidic substances such as contaminated cotton fabric, preferably immediately to clear the water to avoid stains stay too long and difficult to remove.

7, white wash more clothes the yellow cotton do, small coup: in large pan of boiling water, add some detergent, immerse the clothes and cook for about 30 minutes, ensuring clean white.

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