What equipment is needed to make a printed sweater?

- Nov 02, 2018-

As a newcomer to sweater printing, I just started to contact the sweater printing industry. Don't worry about introducing advanced sweater digital direct-jet printing equipment. You still don't know anything. It may or may not be used to buy a device.

First, the list is not so much, and the second is that the craft has not yet been mastered, but the sweater digital direct-injection printing machine is a must-have item. This is a must-have product. If you print the sweater pattern, you will not design or make it. Buying, experience needs to be accumulated step by step.

If you have already entered the clothing industry for three years and five years, and have certain customer resources, you can introduce more advanced sweater digital direct-injection printing equipment, such as the one-piece sweater digital direct-injection printing machine, which can not only directly print The pattern can also be printed on the screen, made into a silk screen version, and there are many matching sweater digital direct injection printing equipment, but this is a necessity.

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