Ladies and men's shirts to how to maintain

- Nov 09, 2016-

We can take the appropriate measures as follows:

(1) choose a suitable location, store where shirts and other clothing must be selected in ventilated and dry place and surroundings clean and tidy, avoid damp places, trying to reduce the humidity in the air, we clean and maintain a humidity of clothing store places will damp musty.

(2) clothing collections to dry thoroughly before you store, and must not store will not dry clothes, which will not only affect to effect collection of the clothing itself, but also affects other clothing stored together.

(3) clothing at the time of collection to be properly ventilated and dry, especially in the wet season of meiyu days, even more so, and timely drying clothing not only dry, but also play a role in sterilization.

(4) the humidity you store high-end clothing through the collection, to ensure that the clothing is not moldy, you can use moisture-proof agent for moisture-proof, so you can effectively reduce the humidity in the cupboard and wardrobe, achieve the purpose of stay dry.

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