Features of down

- Nov 07, 2019-

Features of down


Lightweight, soft and perfect thermal performance


Among the four natural thermal materials, cotton, wool, silk and down, down has the best thermal performance.


At present, there is no thermal insulation material in the world that exceeds the thermal insulation performance of down. Because of its star structure, down cluster contains a large amount of static air. The low conductivity of air enables down to have the best thermal insulation performance. In addition, down is fluffy, with a down content of 50% According to the down test, its lightness and fluffiness are 2.8 times that of cotton and 2.2 times that of wool, so down filling products are not only soft and warm, but also have a good touch to the skin.


Moisture absorption and breathable


In addition, natural down also has the good performance of moisture absorption and breathable that other thermal insulation materials do not have. Down can constantly absorb and discharge the sweat released by people, so that the body does not feel damp and stuffy.

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