Double 11 pre-sales: some sports business broke the news

- Nov 02, 2018-

"The pre-sales have the world" - this seems to be the "hidden rules" of the double 11.

Behind the carnival, the storm is back. Recently, a number of sports outdoor category businesses broke the news to Yibang Power, before the start of the double 11 pre-sale,

"Because it was just a verbal commitment, we can't help with this situation." One broke the business.

  In order to ensure the daily sales before the double 11, merchants usually set up two links for pre-sales when they apply for pre-sale. Among them, one link is the new double 11 pre-sale link, the inventory in the pre-sale link can only be increased and can not be reduced; the other is the normal sales link of the goods, the consumer can purchase the order at the daily price in the pre-sale phase.

According to the person who broke the news, in this double 11 case, many of the hot-selling products of the sports outdoor category merchants only set up a pre-sale link, and there is no normal sales link. That is to say, in the 20-day pre-sale period of these products, the inventory is locked and cannot be sold normally. The consumer can only pay the deposit in advance, and then wait until the double 11 payment is made to complete the purchase. "In this way, the sales of 20 days are all in one day, and the sales volume of the double 11 is over. Before the communication, Tmall said that after the October 31st, some pre-sales can be removed or modified, but in fact it is not at all. ”

Pre-sales transactions account for a large amount of weight in the venue, pre-sales are good, and there will be a first-mover advantage in formal events. At the warm-up racing stage starting on November 1, the venue will be sorted according to the comprehensive dimensions of purchase, collection, Ali mother input and pre-sales.

At the same time, the category Xiaoji also judged that, similar to last year's situation, this year's purchase data will explode on November 5th or 6th, which will remind the merchants to pay attention to the propaganda rhythm, pay attention to the purchase data and collection of the explosion. Data, etc.

Pre-sales can indeed better lock customers ahead of collection and purchase, and most brands' pre-sales sales can account for 35%-40% of the total, and the overall results of double 11 can be judged from the pre-sale results. “After the merchant’s inventory is locked, it is difficult for the pre-sales to be diverted to other platforms. In this way, Tmall can guarantee the heat during the pre-sale period, and can also use the 20-day sales of pre-sold products to pull up the double 11 The turnover of the day."

However, for the merchants, the inventory of the pre-sold goods is all locked, in addition to the impact on the pre-sale sales and preemption of the pre-sale venue resources, it will also bring some negative impact. According to feedback from a number of brand e-commerce leaders, the consequences of full pre-sales may include the following:

First, because the pre-sale price of the product is lower than that of the double 11 (there is usually a deposit double or half discount), so all the stocks of the goods are pre-sold, once the oversold, the interests of the merchant will also It is damaged.

Second, on the day of the double 11, the pre-sale item must be paid after 1 o'clock. The 0-2 point in the morning of the double 11 is the peak consumption period, and the sales volume in the first two hours can account for about 65%-70% of the total. Pre-sales is equivalent to opening the brakes in advance, which will affect the turnover and ranking of the 0-1 point gold stage merchants.

Third, the more pre-sold items, the more sales are locked, which will cause 20-day sales to accumulate in the double 11 outbreak, and behind the sales is the sudden increase in pressure on the supply chain.

The criteria for selecting pre-sold items for merchants vary. Some merchants will choose the classic version instead of the new season as a pre-sale item, and some merchants will select the nearest hot item and the new product combination for nearly three months for drainage.

“If the hot-selling and new products that are used for pre-sales cannot be sold normally before the double 11, the daily sales rankings and rankings of the stores will also decline, and the rankings of the best-selling products will be unstable.” A home brand's electricity The person in charge of the business pointed out to Yibang Power.

Of course, in addition to the pre-sales "locked" merchant sales, the Tmall Double 11 rules also "locked" consumers with pre-sale deposits. The double 11 pre-sale deposit paid by the consumer will not be returned separately, but the last payment will be made on the day of the double 11 and the refund will be received after the Tmall opens the refund port to receive the full refund of the deposit and the final payment.

"Everything is for sales." The person in charge said with excuse.

Ten years from the official opening of the Double 11 in 2018, the platform and merchants are closely watching the pre-sale data, and in the heart of this year's final performance. Ma Yun’s last double 11 in the period, under which Tmall’s full sprint, will it come to a close on which number?

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