Cotton t-shirts materials and production

- Nov 09, 2016-

T-shirts with the raw material is very broad, there are cotton, linen, wool, silk, chemical fiber and blend fabrics, especially in pure cotton, linen, or cotton blends, it is better with a breathable, soft, comfortable, cool, sweat, heat and so on.

T-shirts often for knitwear, but due to consumers of needs in constantly of changes, design making also increasingly refurbished, so, to machine weaving fabric making of t-shirts also have market, became t-shirts family in the of new members, this t-shirts often used rib led or rib sleeve, and rib clothing side, and dotted to embroidery, and trademark, both reflected has clothing design who of originality, also makes t-shirts unique, added has clothing beauty.

In woven shirt fabric, preferred to the number with a thin, soft, smooth characteristics of real silk, patch-wearing comfort, made of silk polyester silk or nylon washing silk t-shirt, as supplemented by inlay work, t-shirts adds special style and charm, by the love of young men and women.

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